Text Analysis Products

kPhrase -- Key Phrase Extractor

kPhrase identifies and extracts important terms and phrases from a wide variety of texts in a large number of languages. kPhrase can be seen in action at InfoNetware Internet search portal ( where it is used to build a term index for browsing through large document sets.

XTractor -- Information Extraction Engine

XTractor is an engine which sifts through large volumes of texts and creates database records for the objects which are mentioned in the text, such as people, organizations, locations, vehicles, etc. And most importantly, XTractor identifies the key relationships or links between the objects that it finds.

tNORM -- Text Normalization Tool

tNORM is a tool which segments text into sentences and disambiguates sentence starting words whether they are proper names and should be left capitalized or they just common words and should be downcased. You can try tNORM for yourself in an interactive demo.

tTAG/tCHUNK -- Linguistic Analysis Toolkit

Words can belong to different syntactic categories in different contexts. tTAG assigns the right reading for a word given the context and tCHUNK groups individual words into syntactic structures. You can try tTAG/tCHUNK for yourself in an interactive demo. Here you can download evaluation version of tTAG/tCHUNK

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