About Infogistics

Infogistics Ltd. is a newly formed startup company specializing in text and data mining products and components serving the electronic publishing, corporate knowledge management and personal information management markets.

Infogistics' mission is to facilitate the process of the analysis, organization, search and retrieval of textual data which is the primary, but not yet sufficiently explored, type of knowledge repository on the Internet, Enterprise Intranets and individual users' information space.

Infogistics' main objective is to become a world-leading text processing and knowledge discovery technology provider by offering a range of software tools and components, which add, advanced Knowledge Management capabilities to existing widely-deployed Information Management products.

Infogistics was formed by world leading experts in the field of natural language processing, information extraction and machine learning, who dedicated many years to research and experiment to come up with a unique technology. This robust technology now underpins RealTerm - a new generation information extraction and organization tool.

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