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RealTerm Content Management

RealTerm content delivery functionality is complemented by its content management capabilities. In short RealTerm allows you to build your own content structures similar to Yahoo or Yellow Pages but for your own data and with no additional effort. You can create folders and subfolders within the RealTerm system to store the documents you aggregate through RealTerm topics browsing.

For instance, you can issue a query on "microelectronics", drill down to "Semiconductors Industry" topic identified by RealTerm and save all these documents in an appropriate folder. You can then drill down to "Digital CMOS" subtopic of "Semiconductors Industry" and create a new subfolder for these documents.

Unlike currently adopted approaches, the RealTerm system does not force you to define your information hierarchy upfront and then spend hours of classifying your documents. On the contrary, using RealTerm you build your information hierarchy along with the use of the system. RealTerm will identify topics for you and you can decide to store or not to store documents belonging to one or more topics in a partcular folder. So after some time of using the system you will create and populate only the folders you want at no extra hassle.

Indeed one document can belong to several different topics and several different folders, reflecting multiple ways of looking at the same information. RealTerm naturally accommodates this, since it stores not the documents themselves but rather pointers. So changes made to a document will be propagated throughout your entire hierarchy.

After you have populated a folder with some documents you can ask RealTerm to automatically create an agent that will monitor new documents entered into the system and notify you when a document similar to ones you store in a specific folder appears. You can even ask this agent to go and spider other information sources such as the Internet or accessible by you databases for required information.

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