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Content Delivery Challange

The world is drowning in information

The ever-expanding data in corporate Intranets, World Wide Web, local networks and even on personal computers (all those emails, word documents, spreadsheets...) means that information on everything you can imagine seems to be available at your fingertips. Searching is as easy as pressing a key. Or is it?

Searching is easy...

State-of-the-art search technology such as corporate and Internet search engines let you search for what you want. You type in what you are looking for, press the key and bingo! there it is. Searching is a solved problem.

...finding is not

But what about finding what you are looking for? Search engines are easy to use, but how about search results? Usually if you don't see exactly what you are looking for in the first 5-10 listed search results, you re-formulate your query and hope for better luck next time. After a few failed attempts, you probably just give up.

We want content structured ...

No matter whether you dealing with your personal emails or with documents in your corporate intranet you want similar documents to be grouped together so you can easily access them when needed. Information directories and portals such as Yahoo offer electronic content classified into areas or topics such as "News & Media", "Recreation & Sports", "Health", etc.

... and we want our content ...

But they classify their content not yours. Yahoo employs multiple hundreds of human analysts to classify documents of their database into their hierarchy. This is not an easy task. Try to classify your emails. What about your corporate Intranet with hundreds of thousands documents?

... and structured flexibly

Also the way they classify documents not always corresponds to how you would do it. How many times you were lost in the wrong branches of their hierarchy. Moreover, the same document can belong to several different topics, and topics themselves cannot be fixed. Every new task would create a new view to you content and therefore produce a new range of topics which requires reclassifying your documents accordingly.

RealTerm -- personalized and dynamic content delivery!!!

So what we really want is a way to structure our content not according to some static predefined by some analyst hierarchy, but dynamically, according to our intuition and needs. At the same time we cannot afford to spend multiple hours in building our personal information space. So is there an answer to this? Yes, recent advances in Artificial Intelligence and Natural Language Processing allowed Infogistics to develop first personalized and dynamic content management solution - RealTerm.

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